Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Show Me What I Got

Goddamn. I thought after school ended, I would have more time to do stuff, but it turns out it just freed up more time for me to do more work. Today I worked about 11 hours today. 11 hours!! It really didn't help that our internet and printers were down for a good chunk of time and unfortunately like most offices, they are our bloodlines.

I'm so glad I'm going to a conference tomorrow. I can just chill and whatnot for one day at least. *sigh

However, I'm quite pleased that I'm achieving some goals I have set for myself this summer. For one, it was to be active. I think we should make Sunday afternoon football a weekly thing, shall we? My second goal was to be more adventurous and daring. I think I will take a step towards that and go white-water rafting in June. I can't wait. Sorta. I watched some videos and it kinda freaked me out but that'll be the last time I look at them.

My third goal is to sign up for dance lessons, because I miss doing routines and performing. I really wonder if I can truly pursue this goal as this is such a far cry from my regular life and I wonder how much devotion I can truly put into it. I've been looking around and I think I'll sign up for beginner's hip hop and go from there. They have some recitals at the end of the course, so that should be interesting. Anyone wanna join? With or without you, I'm keen on doing this.

I think I can actually sum up my goals into one big goal: to make my life un-dull. It's really hard to do when I work 50-hour work weeks, though. It doesn't help that I work in one of the most serious fields either. I would really like to know that I can separate myself from what I do (although it seems to consume 80% of my time). I'd really hate to be identified by what I do because I would like to believe that I'm not (a workaholic, that is). ARrrrrggghhh... must...not...conform...

"Hey, LIL!"


"You think you crazy?"


"Then show us what you got!"


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