Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pedal to the Metal

Yeah, I'm shitty. I haven't written in a week. Mostly due to 2 parts laziness and 3 parts busy, but still, I shouldn't make excuses. I will try my best to write more hereonin.

The past couple days I've been trying to revert my sleeping schedule to normal from the past Friday night/Saturday morning. At 3 am on Saturday, a couple of us set off for Peterborough to go fishing. I must say, it was quite fun: bitter cold and lack of sleep and all. I never used to believe that I had patience for something like fishing, partly because when my dad was younger he would've rather chase something quick and easy like turtles, than sit at a dock for 8 hours staring at the water. Oddly enough, I am learning to enjoy quiet, serenity, and oh yes, peace and quiet for thinking. To think about ...I dunno, stuff. Who knew I had so much to think about?

Personally I don't think I like stopping to think. I mean, it is a good thing in a 'think before you leap'-kinda way but it also kinda feels like Life is slowing down. And then I slow down. And then I feel like I'm wasting time. Weird, huh? I need to do more doing and less thinking.

And here I am, slowing down again.

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