Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Shit Poppin', Lil Shit Stoppin'

TI - "Big Shit Poppin'"

I dunno what the hell he's saying in this video at all and I'm pretty sure this song is a mix of a lot of Young Jeezy songs, but the song is still dapper.

You are now looking a new owner of a Blackberry phone. Yup, I've finally upgraded from my crap-tastic Motorola to a Blackberry.

I used to be so damn tech-savvy. Windows 95 was my bitch and I could make a website using pure HTML. I think things went downhill for me with the introduction of routers, high-speed and this thing called Facebook. I no longer have the energy or interest in learning all this new stuff because there's always someone better than me at it, I've realized. Which is partly the reason I am overwhelmed with my new Blackberry.

It quite literally took me an hour to learn how to make a damn phone call on this thing, thanks to a good mix of laziness (to read the manual) and stupidity (again, by not reading the manual). My cell phone career has only consisted of Motorolas, so I'm not used to using a new 'system' of a cellphone, particularly one that goes beyond what a cell phone should do. I should make a public plea to those who have nothing better to do than to read Blackberry manuals (*fingers crossed*) and are willing to help me:
  • transfer songs and pictures from my computer to the phone
  • transfer all the contacts I had on my Motorola to the Blackberry
  • use Bluetooth
  • cook a meal in under 3 minutes
  • stop global warming
I am willing to compensate, in cash or whatever other creative currency you can dream up ;). Just make me CrackBerry'd!

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