Sunday, May 06, 2007

A+ Weekend

I've never wanted something so badly. I hate it when I take things for granted and don't realize how much I need it until it's missing. I CAN'T FIND MY SONY DIGITAL CAMERA DATA CORD. WOE IS ME.

Bah well. No pictures for awhile, I guess. That is, until I get off my lazy ass and try to remember under what pile of mess it is probably under. I wish I could share with you what I've been up to this weekend, though.

I looked up my grades on Friday and I am proud to announce that I got all A's in my final semester of college. WOOT! WOOT! It came as such a surprise as I recall being pretty damn sad the entire semester that my marks weren't on par. Work + school is not cool. But lookey, lookey. All that hard work paid off towards the end. Time to celebrate! Time to pop, lock and drop it.

On Friday night, a bunch of us went to Whitby for a party. It was Justin's classmate's parent's farm lot so there was soooooooo much room for partying, camping and a bonfire so big "you would think it was made of pieces of the sun". I'm sad I missed the start of the party, particularly when the fire was started with a flamethrower! People, send me pictures of the fire! The party was so awesome: mud, pitch darkness and all. The place also had a maze, pond with island, tire swing and other stuff you can do with tons of space.

The party also confirmed that I will most definitely purchase a vacant lot property when the time comes. I was contemplating as using it as my getaway from everyone, but I'd also love to use it for hosting purposes. Imagine! 3000 square feet of freedom!

And of course, camping in the month of May is not the most joyous occasion. My sleep was somewhat comfortable except my feet were freezing, even with two pairs of socks inside a thick sleeping bag and blanket. It's a good thing I anticipated the overnight temperatures because 8 degrees Celsius in Whitby is not the same as 8 degrees in Mississauga. Brrr. In the morning, though, we were greeted with lots of sunshine because our tarp and roof flew off thanks to our half-ass tent set up in the middle of the night.

I got home at about noon and then went out again to play football all day and chill at the Lam's. I told you: can't stop, won't stop. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the weekend. I made use of all the great weather this weekend and there was absolutely no boredom...until today, where I will stay home and look for that damn camera cord.

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