Friday, April 27, 2007

By Your Side

I don't really feel like it, but I'm being guilted into going out against my own will again tonight. I don't know why I let myself be guilted into shit like this after I've worked for 10.5 hours today. Perhaps it's because I don't have much tolerance for those who back out on my plans. Little ol' me just has to keep with principle, I guess. I'm going to some pub downtown. Apparently a ton of people are going so I'm hoping I can cower in some corner and take a little nap. Heeheeee.

I also don't feel like going out because I have so much shit to do, mostly my taxes. I can't think of a time I can spare this weekend to work on it and it's due Monday. SSSHIIIIITTTT.

I've been doing some thinking, some thoughts of which I can't really formulate on here because of time (gotta get out the door in less than an hour!) and lack of ability to put my feelings into words lately. I've only been able to actualize my feelings through listening to music. Anyone do that? I'm sure you do. Hm.

I'll end this evening's blog with an excerpt from 'Letter from the Editor' from this month's issue of Vogue (which I've yet to even start reading because of lack of time and energy):

'I do not want all women to look and dress exactly alike. I want them to be as different in their dress as they are in their personalities'. I love this pronouncement of Paul Poiret, the magical Parisian couturier who, early in the last century, famously liberated women from the corset. I've always believed that fashion is about freeing us to express ourselves in a way that does justice to our individuality...

- Anna Wintour, May 2007 Vogue

Brava, Wintour. Brava.

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whit said...

i've had nothing but that song and gwen stefani's 4 in the morning/early winter in my head ever since you put it in your msn name.