Friday, May 25, 2007

Fashion is not a Luxury

... but a sense of fashion is.

Because it is such a trend for celebrities to have a line of clothing, trendy Sarah Jessica Parker of course, has hopped on that bandwagon. Oh, SJP, you used to be such a trend-setter, rather than a trend-follower.

I skimmed the collection and I must admit, I wasn't that impressed. It wasn't awful, but I just wouldn't be that surprised if this thing didn't take off as well as hoped. Perhaps we expect too much believing SJP is Carrie and the clothes would therefore be a la Carrie Bradshaw. We should really try to remember SJP is an actress and shouldn't compare SJP to Carrie since Carrie was dressed by a stylist (Patricia Field what what!). Perhaps I am a fan of Carrie/Sally Field, rather than SJP.

The name of the line is Bitten, and its manifesto cites that every woman has a right to good clothes with money to leftover to live, a far cry from the way Carrie lived. Perhaps this is SJP's way of redeeming herself as the quirky "instead of buying dinner, I'd buy Vogue" that is Carrie Bradshaw. Although, I don't think every woman has a right to good clothes, some just simply refuse to have nice clothes, SJP's line has good intentions. Bitten clothing will be sold in the U.S. at some store called Steve & Barry's (the same stores that are carrying the same inexpensive basketball shoes as Stephon Marbury) which is nowhere near Canada (good/bad?) but it might creep up northbound sometime in the future.

Here's a few pieces that I don't mind. The rest of the collection, however, I don't believe even 'Carrie' would be caught dead trotting up Canal Street in. Suffice to say, alot of these pieces can be found in your everyday mall-store like H&M. *yawn

^I just like the third outfit and the 'fro

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