Monday, May 21, 2007

May 2-4 without the 2-4

Oh, this bloody weather on this fine long weekend!! It's really too bad it wasn't as warm as it has been in the past few weeks. I could've done more stuff this weekend... although I don't how much more I could've done. My weekend technically hasn't ended. Right now I'm sitting in a Ryerson 'hotel', which I believe is student residence converted into hotel as a project for the Hotel and Hospitality program. I give this place -3 stars. The light in here is so dim, the room was freezing, and the mattress was less than spectacular. Regardless, it was a pretty fun day/night. Kathy is staying in Toronto for a conference and she wanted some company on her first night, so Mel and I agreed to stay with her for one night.

We spent the day yesterday going shoe-shopping (CAN YOU BELIEVE I DIDN'T END UP BUYING SHOES?!) and book-shopping (I'm with Kathy and Mel, what do you expect?). We also played tour guides to Kathy's co-workers who are like country bumpkins or something. We ate at Jeremiah Bullfrogs and then Kathy, Mel and I retreated to our room to play Boggle. Yes, Boggle. Although to my delight, I realized we had internet, even though the front desk said we wouldn't have any. Nice. At least Kathy won't completely die in her cell hotel room for the next four days.

On Saturday, I spent the whole day with friends playing football, baseball, BBQ-ing and then playing with LOL I got the cutest phone call from Alex when he called me right before we were to meet up:

Alex: Lil, what's 'May 2-4'?

Lil: Are you asking me to define it or are you asking because you don't know?

Alex: I don't know what May 2-4 is.

I dunno why I found it hilariously adorable. I love it when people don't get weird Canadian traditions. Like the beer-oriented ones.

It was a pretty awesome day. Until it started to rain...and then we had to retreat back to Cuong's. And then guess what we did?

Although this weekend implies that we're to be stupid drunk and whatnot, I didn't see too much intoxication... besides from me. Ha. I wasn't that drunk, just slightly not sober. Which is just enough, I guess. I really don't need alcohol or drugs to have fun, like a lot of people. It's just good enough for me to be around good friends. I get drunk on good times! <--wow, lame comment.

^Watch your back, Alex

^Heehee...this picture is funny. I'm so mature.

^Meg batters up

^I don't know how, and I don't know why

^The guys look like they want to Juicy Fruit Iljya's ass

^Kathy has pocket Aces. You could so tell that by the look on her face.

I have videos of the fireworks, which were pretty spectacular for the price Dev paid. Will post later. Must get breakfast now.

1 comment:

kathy said...

1. If I had aces, the look on my face would be more like the one on Megan's, haha.

2. I like how your blog entry ended. It was probably because I was standing over your shoulder this morning saying 'Hurry up, Lil...Hurry up, Lil...', hehe.

3. Thanks for staying the night with me. You and Mel are good company.

4. I'm back in the cell...alone. My co-workers aren't back from dinner yet...*tear.