Tuesday, May 15, 2007

rip blow

The fashion world has lost a fabled staple of the Couture Crowd and the Fashion Weeks: Isabella Blow. For those who don't recognize the name, you might recognize the face: No? Then perhaps you need to watch some FashionTelevision. Or not continue to read this entry.

I've always respected her thoughts on fashion and I loved loved loved loved her hats! Isabella was no looker, but she sure knew how to take the attention away from her face with those hats. Oh, the merry merry hats! I wouldn't want to pinpoint her as merely a former magazine editor/stylist/muse but I would sum her up as merely an influential character in the fashion world. Kind of like Coco Chanel, but with more red lipstick.

I'm kind of not surprised of the way she died: suicide. Pretty tragically, too. It was her third attempt and weedkiller finally did it. I am not surprised that she went the way she did. It just seems fitting that someone like her would not let something as boring as cancer do her in. It's nice to know she took matters into her own hands and didn't let her death be the opposite of who she was.

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