Monday, May 28, 2007

She Wants to Move

I just finished my very first hip hop dance class and I luuuuurrrrrved it. It didn't even feel like an hour-long at all. I loved it even more because Alex volunteered, yes volunteered, to join me. I didn't even have to ask, he just decided to come on his own. Gotta love a guy who is willing to try something that is so out of his league. I'm talking about a guy who idolizes Borat and is apparently some sort of Counterstrike legend of the world. Look out world, Alex will be the next Backstreet boy!

Earlier in the day, some guy from the school called me and reminded me to bring extra shoes. I didn't think much of his advice, but I really should've because I soon realized what he meant by that comment. We weren't allowed to wear our street shoes in the dance room, so other smart people brought extra shoes... Ohhhhhhh. So stupid me and Alex had to dance in our socks (I hate dancing in my socks) and my ankles and mom will probably thank me tomorrow for stomping on the hardwood floors in my white socks.

We learned a routine for Justin Timberlake's "Summer Love". I will either really hate or really like this song by the end of the 5 weeks because I don't like this song or JT to begin with. However, at least it was the one 'masculine' thing that Alex could appreciate because he was the only guy in a class full of girls. Again, I'm just so glad he didn't feel uncomfortable (except when we had to do the booty shakes) or leave immediately (he almost backed out when he realized there might not be any other guys there). Now that's a man. Hey Alex, at least you were the hottest guy in the room. Sure, you were the only guy in the room, but male dancer = HOT. How did he do dance-wise? I wasn't really paying attention to him, to be honest. I saw him try to shake his booty and then I just focused on me. But I'll check him out next time.

Our dance instructor was pretty good. She was a good teacher, and totally not the insane bitch I was in the ChinKL days. Remember those? Gotta love those dance practices, eh girls? I really have no patience for teaching, so I have to admire this chick for putting up with a roomful of girls who frankly didn't look like they belonged there and I-dance-like-Carlton Alex.

I'm really psyched for next week's class, and this time I'll know better to bring extra shoes. It's really too bad these classes aren't more than once a week. I wish I knew how good these classes were before so I'd encourage others to join. I think I might even join the fall classes, as well. I can't imagine how I'd want to stop this. Finally, something I can really enjoy and not have that feeling of competition or that feeling you get when you're picked last on a team.

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