Wednesday, April 04, 2007

For the love of the Game

I don't follow the NBA (although I love going to the games), so I don't really know who this Stephon Marbury is, but after I read this article, mentioned by the Manolo, I couldn't help but think, 'aww'. When I worked 'in the hood', we were told not to wear anything too flashy or anything. Not so that we wouldn't make the kids jealous, but it was for our own safety. o_o It's funny how I've always grown up in a world where wearing the best shoes defined your status. It was unheard of to be robbed of shoes (probably because someone always had a better shoe).

It's really sad when you hear about kids getting robbed/beaten up/killed for their kicks. What a waste for their parents to have to pay half a month's rent on shoes that the kid wears for maybe one morning before he's robbed on his way to school. They're shoes, people. And not only that, they're athletic shoes, meant to be used while playing sports, which in turn the shoes will become worn quickly. They're not like ... Manolo Blahniks (where they'd probably see the light of day once in awhile because they're too precious to touch a basketball court or downtown sidewalk)! I do not understand the demand for shoes like this (and no, it's not like my shoe fascination. I do not base my wanting a shoe on price or celebrity status). Props to that Marbury guy for starting "the movement" to remind people that athletic shoes should be worth their wear. Jordan should trade in his two-basketball-court mansion and learn a thing or two from this guy.

It's truly sad that in this day and age, a pair of new shoes, or a flashy handbag is more important than say, a calculator. Have you ever heard of a kid getting robbed of his calculator? Of course, I'm probably referring to a specific type of 'neighbourhood'. I know from experience that they don't really get the type of encouragement needed to expand outside the goals of basketball player, rap artist and/or hustler. Truly disappointing.

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