Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lakeshore Campus, I hardly knew ye

OOOooooh my. Last exam tomorrow! Yipee! I'm so glad the exams are coming to a close. I'll be ecstatic for about 10 hours though, because then I'll be going back to work. I took the last two weeks off and, boy, was it blissful to just be a student again. Well, almost blissful. I put in some time at the good ol' library in the past two weeks and it paid off. I guess.

Monday's exam wasn't too bad. I had studied all weekend from that mad-huge book. It was a closed-book exam but it wasn't too bad because the material in the text was repetitious (made for easier memorizing) and it was written by my professor. Tuesday's exam was not too shabby as well although I was sucker punched by this one question where the prof had apparently talked about forever in class and I didn't hear it. Bah well. I had about a 90 going into the exam, that question isn't going to kill me.

Today's exams were killer though. My two worst classes on the same day! I don't even want to think about it. I didn't even have time to dwell on them today because I had to start my paper that's due tomorrow and prepare for tomorrow's exam.

In about 12 hours, I'll be one semester away from graduation. Whoop whoop! Oddly enough, I think I'll miss the school (not the classes, though). It was a peaceful and a picturesque campus, actually, with all the newly built interiors and historic exteriors. And not like the raucousness I see and hear about in other schools. Although I think a lot of people who attended my campus were boring carbon copies of each other (Aritzia-Uggs-TNA-trucker hat-emo whores), I prefer going here than, say, North campus (busier, louder, older, ghetto-er). Though, I didn't really take advantage of all the stuff this campus had to offer in the past 4 years (the beach, ghost-hunting, the gym, health plan).

Things I'll miss from Humber Lakeshore: William's caramel lattes (yeah, I know they're worldwide, but when there's a Starbucks or Tim Horton's, William's is non-existent to me), that hot [married] Asian cafeteria guy, seeing Sarah, Cuong and other familiar faces on campus, the warmer weather in the winter, the new luxurious library, Poker with Cuong's classmates, the movie theatre, gossiping in the bathroom with Ish and April, my classmates (the sane ones).

Things I won't miss: the rude workers at William's, classes, the Aritzia-Uggs-TNA-trucker hat-emo whores, 5 dollar pizzas (actually all the expensive 'gourmet' food they serve), my program coordinator (HAHA), 8 am classes in the winter in a blistery storm, the people who crowd the doors whilst smoking and the hacking, my classmates (especially the bitches, they know who they are).

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