Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tremblant 2006: Part II

The view from our suite was pretty damn awesome: In lieu of Christmas gifts, I chose to make everyone Christmas dinner. As much as I tried to, I just couldn't do it all by myself...
^High five!
^Alex gets a blow job and a hand job. Luckiest boy in the world.

Me: Alex, the mashed potatoes needs more rosemary.

Alex: No, it needs more milk.

Me: You always want to put more milk! If you had your way, the mashed potatoes would be nothing but milk and potato! It's my mashed potatoes, so I say MORE ROSEMARY!
^The Milk and Rosemary Cooking Show (the look on Alex's face is absolutely fantastic)
^HAHAHA! I'm still adding more rosemary!
^My Masterpiece
^Me and Kathy have the Itis ^The Aftermath
That night, I had... let's just say, 12too many shots and I ended up being the first to pass out and not a remember a fucking thing in the morning. Fucking great. Thanks to all who stripped me and put me to bed.

The next morning, I don't know how I did it, but I managed to snowboard whilst totally hungover and prevented myself from tossing chunks the entire day. I'm a trooper, I have to say. Snowboarding was awesome. I managed to improve some of my skills (YES!) and I've somewhat mastered carving (on more shallower slopes, though). The trails were great and the mountain was literally as high as the clouds. It was absolutely beautiful and I think next time I'll do the cross-country hiking at Tremblant because who knows how long these kind of things last?

^Aww, so cute: Selfless Big Brother helps out Selfish Little Brother ^The Russians ^Me and the boys ^Kathy learns to ski
For lunch, we ate at some over-priced (the cheapest over-priced) restaurant in the Village. That's when I came to the conclusion that the people who come up to Mont Tremblant are either uber rich or wannabe rich.
^Hmm, how many ways to kill Alex for all the gypsy jokes this weekend? ^Thanks, Nam ^Alex ogles the super hot male waiter ^Mmm, poutine ^Kathy and the Doubovs
After lunch, we went up the hill again, this time with Kathy who felt was prepared for the 'real thing' after spending the morning in ski school. Iljya took her down what was supposed to be an easy trail and long story short, he ended up slicing his finger pretty badly. Leaving Kathy to fend for herself and a trail of blood, Iljya had to ski down to the lift sans rods. I found him at the bottom of the hill and we went to the infirmary. He almost needed stitches, but luckily the wound was just superficial. An interestingly bloody end to a ski day.

We came home and the guys threw together a huge spaghetti dinner. Everyone was pretty exhausted from the day so we soaked in the hot tub and sauna for a good hour or so. I think we were going to play Manhunt in the woods, but we were too tired so we just did more chilling.

^Nam playing Boggle with the Melinator
^The Melinator will 'meliminate' you in Poker and now, Boggle
^Kathy in the "eagle's nest" ^Nam and Yuri build a romantic fire ^Doubov sandwich. Just how I like it. ^Guess what Alex is doing... ^"I'm making gypsies..." Damn you, Alex!
The next day, everyone was so exhausted, noone got a chance to hit the slopes one last time before we had to check out. And as I predicted, it was a hell of a time getting everyone out the door and the cars packed. As much as I didn't really want to go home, I couldn't wait to go home to my own bed and a proper shower.
^Extreme driving ^When Nature calls, they surely answer

Oddly enough we encountered some crappy driving weather (but weather we would've preferred for skiing/boarding). Thus far, we embarked on another 7-hour car ride home to....

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