Sunday, December 03, 2006


*takes deep breath.

My week of horror begins tomorrow morning, precisely at 8 am. I'm fucking crazy, because I opted to play Poker all night last night and went to Captain's, even though I swore I wouldn't in lieu of exams. Bah well. And yet, I don't really regret it (even though I didn't win, again).

Special thanks goes out to Alex for reminding me that Poker is all about bluffing. Wow, I'm such a moron.

"Boy, 14, fatally shot after egging SUV"<-- oddly enough I found nothing too shocking about that, except for the fact that it doesn't happen often enough. It's just unfortunate that one of those shots fatally killed him. Yes, yes, I'm a bitch, but really. If you look at it this way, it's one less delinquent to worry about (OH SO GOING TO HELL NOW). Perhaps using a gun was a bit excessive, but honestly, how else will kids learn? You can't yell at them. You can't force them to apologize and mean it. You can't even really get them to feel remorseful. "Kids will be kids. Let them be."

There's actually quite bit of egg-hecklers around my area. My mother no longer takes walks because she was a victim. It's also really bad because there's a lot of seniors in my area. I don't see the fun in cruising around in cars with 4 of my friends and egging innocent pedestrians. But then, that's just me, right? Maybe I feel this way because my own family has been privy to this apparently fun-inducing activity. Perhaps there is something morbidly wrong with me for not finding it amusing nor funny. It's just a waste of eggs, gas and time. And I'm sure there is something quite illegal about the whole act, but of course, these kids don't get caught (even if they were, it'd be a far, far cry from capital punishment). These kids don't care because they got their shits and giggles. Another bored night to put to rest, another homemade video to upload to YouTube.

Yeah, I'm no fun at all, eh? I wish I was young again so I can be simply-minded and simply-amused again. I pity the youth.


dev said...

lil, ur in law, it's called harassment... and take comfort in the fact that you're not the onli one that finds this retarded. friggin white ppl... i'm on the fence about the whole shoot to kill incident myself, cuz shiet, if ur gonna throw eggs, not at a black man's navigator in the states. c'mon, y'all knew it was a black man's navigator even tho the article didnt say that. i dunno, maybe a dealth penalty for every single crime would stop crime altogether... imagine gettin lethal injection for speeding? shit, i wouldnt.

spinderella said...

Actually it would be considered assault. But fuck, how many ppl actually get caught for doing this?

Kathy said...

Egging strangers or strange cars is so stupid. But then, I guess 14-year-old boys generally act stupidly. I don't know if they deserve to be killed for it. That sucks.