Sunday, December 17, 2006

Poker buddies and furry friends

I wish I could say I am partied out from the weekend, but I can't, really. Haha, I couldn't really do much anyways because my head was pounding all weekend (it's that time of month again, folks) so whatever. I also wish I could say I got away with the weekend without playing Poker. So much for all that.

Lately I feel like everything has been slowing down. Maybe it's because everyone's worn out from exams and shit, but I feel like it's a time for celebration! No more school for a month (for me, at least) and we can go back to our carefree antics of the summer. Lately, it's just been quiet jubilation. I can't wait for New Years. I hope everyone is revived by then because I feel old when I 'slow down'. Drinking has become dull even (although, I don't really find the source of my fun from alcohol, but it helps a little).

Perhaps I've reached 'that age' where I have to start getting used to things settling and slowing down (noooooooooooo!), so what can I do but roll with it?

On Friday night, just GUESS what I did. On Saturday night, I had a Ladies' Night with my gals. I finally went down to check out Jez's new place. I really love it. I love the area, I love the history and I love how 'shabby chic' her new digs is. We exchanged Xmas gifts and then went to a chic restaurant in the Village called Scanta. Or something like that (have I mentioned my memory has been total shit lately? I can tell it's starting to piss people off). Whatever it's called, I really liked it and my chicken asiago was yummy. Later we got coffees and went back to Jez's place to attempt to program the TV, DVD and new remote control.

Here's a riddle: How many chicks does it take to program all of that? Four: one to read instructions, one to press all the buttons, one to manually plug things in and another to sip on her Starbucks and supervise the entire process (yours truly). We watched a couple movies and the evening ended pretty early (early to me is midnight, yes), so I dropped by Cuong's to see how the Poker game was going. Who would've thought I dropped in just when a second game was starting? Poker Night #2 for me for the weekend. Also, Sarah gave me a mini 'Poker-on-the-go' set. Okay, I get the hint. I have to lay off the Poker.

Went out with the fam today and I got a new pet. It's a rabbit and I named it "My New Scarf''. It's also dead, yet luscious.

Okay, you meat-eating Petards, save the comments, the judgments and the red paint-throwing. I already got sassed by my sister. I get it: it's unnatural to wear fur and it's unnatural to eat meat, right? All I have to say is, when you stop the wild animals from eating other animals, I will then believe that wearing and eating animals is inhumane.

That is not to say that I hate animals. The exact opposite. I am one of those "don't mess with Mother Nature" people and am even somewhat anti-Advanced Technology. However, I do acknowledge that this world is based on the survival of the fittest, despite how those Communist/Socialist vigilantes try to change things. If the animals had a chance, we'd be dead meat. Literally.

I find it incredible when people feel sorry for cute, furry animals when they are tortured or killed but are jubilant and relieved when something seemingly scary and less cute is defeated (i.e. Jaws, King Kong, that spider on your wall). People say people who wear fur are superficial, but to feel sorry for a bunny rabbit but think nothing of killing ants, is like calling the kettle black, no?

Yeah, that's what I figured.

^Fur is murder. Beautiful, beautiful murder.


Vicki said...

we went to VILLA
strada is the restaurant next to it

Iljya said...

"...and another to sip on her Starbucks and supervise the entire process (yours truly)"

You were also yelling, weren't you!

spinderella said...

^HAHAHAHA! Iljya, you know me too, too well.