Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tired x10, but still up for more

Ugh, I was sooo exhausted last night, so I ended up staying home on a Friday night. Quelle horreur!

Yesterday we finally moved offices, and guess who was left to move the stuff? Yours truly. I didn't even have enough energy to help Jez unpack at her new digs. I was pretty much sick of doing that yesterday.

On Thursday night, my friend Bobs (I can hear Devlin and/or Cuong chuckling somewhere) invited me to the advance screening of Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj. I originally wanted to see the movie after watching the trailer, but I didn't see the first one. I'm kind of glad I didn't see the first one. This movie is mind-numbing and I quite possibly walked out of the movie 10% dumber. It wasn't too bad (Kal Penn aka 'Kumar' from Harold and Kumar fame stars in it), because it was somewhat funny at some points. I guess the fact a brown guy stars in it makes this movie 10% funnier, then say, Ryan Reynolds (brown comedy is different and better, I think).

My advice would be not to spend the money on this if you're not up for 'dumbass comedy' and sex, sex and sex. P.S. There is not one American accent in this movie. It's either Indian, British or Irish, which makes this movie kinda interesting to listen to.

After the movie, I went to O'Grady's for Paul's birthday and met some of his engineering friends. Next to Louise, I would say I was the coolest person there. Hahaha. What more can I say about that?

One more week of school left (for me, anyway), y'all! Woooooooot. I have an exam everyday this week. I will have to cram like mad since I opted to not do any readings during the second half of the semester (as per usual). I am at the library now, attempting to study. Curse this library for having WiFi and allowing YouTube! *sigh Why do I do this to myself?


Louise said...

I think you've got it wrong. How could I have been the coolest person there when I was carrying my BACKPACK??

Dev said...

hey, the first van wilder was quite the hilarity. dunno if i'd want a watered down version starring the stereotyped, indian support. but it's kal penn, i mite rent it at most. and lil, an engineering party? wild...