Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not gone, just forgot[ten]

I suppose it's about due time I update with an entry, or else I'll turn into one of those assholes who create a blog and just abandon it. No, not I.

I will blame my lack of frequent updates on myself starting up work again full-time. I guess this is to be expected when I graduated, so I'll enjoy this while I can. Work's good, week seems so long, though.

I didn't have the big extravaganza blowout of a weekend as I'd hoped. Partly because a lot of people were still in the midst of the whole final exams/assignments brew ha ha.

On Friday night, I did the weekly Poker thing at the Lam's and as usual, I didn't win. On Saturday night a bunch of us chilled at Jeff's and we had a Games Night, complete with the new Wii and Nintendo DS's, a 12-year old's dream party no doubt. :) I'm not a gamer, but I still had fun. The Wii is an interesting little thing and I was more impressed about how I was able to make a 'Mii' look remarkably like me than all that motion detecting stuff. Nevertheless, it is something I wouldn't mind killing time with again. It is actually more entertaining to watch people play the Wii than to play firsthand. It's hilarious watching people punch the air furiously with controllers in their hand (Wii Sports' Boxing) or bowl, without an actual bowling ball (Wii Sports' Bowling). Go to the Wii website and watch other people look ridiculous playing this game.

On Sunday, I went over the U.S. border with a few friends for some shopping. After watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show, I decided that I was in dire need of some new underwear. We were only in America for a few hours, but I could already feel the effects of 'American Life' sinking in: lazy, anonymous, slow, lethargic and I often kept thinking to myself "What's that odour?" (and yes, I spelled odour with a 'u' in my head because I'm Canadian, dammit). I waited a good 15 minutes for an order of fries and gravy at Wimpy's and honestly, it shouldn't take that long to prepare it . The fries are already made, and the gravy is there, etc., etc... (I guess one should expect absolute shit with a name like Wimpy's).

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the Coach outlet store and wish I could've spent more time in there, but that's about it. I concluded that Canada has pretty much the same shit, except, perhaps better. With the Canadian dollar pretty high now, one is better off staying in Canada, depending on what you want to buy, of course (Burberry is pretty cheap down there, too).

Before we came back, of course we did that post-shopping pre-border 'pull the tags off and wear what you bought' in the parking lot of the mall (wasted Coach boxes!). We left behind a nice pile of tags, bags and boxes. We didn't encounter too many problems at the border, and the border guy was hot, so that was a nice end to a good trip.

So, all in all, it was a pretty calm but eventful weekend. Oddly enough I've been crazy exhausted the past couple of days and I've been going to bed earlier and sleeping longer. Hmm, perhaps exam week sleep is catching up with me. OR I'm preparing for the blow-out weekend I'm hoping for this weekend. Whatever, I'm off to bed.


sarah said...

Lil, you shouldn't judge the States' shopping just by ONE out of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of outlet malls in the country. That outlet mall is on the bottom end of the scale anyways.

I wholeheartedly believe that American shopping is significantly better than Canadian shopping. Do you see any Dior stores here? Any Burberry stores here? Or better yet, where are the Jimmy Choo and Roberto Cavalli stores eh?

Even better, Americans are usually big right? Well, that means ALL the small sizes are left over!!!!! Perfect for you and me!

sarah said...

FYI, SHOES are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS cheaper in the states. What is $120 at Nine West here, is only US$60.