Sunday, November 12, 2006

Limited time is a Public Welfare Offence

Where the hell did the weekend go?

I'm currently sitting at my computer with a blank Word document open. I don't really want to start writing up my Legal Memorandum on the the dangers an incorporated construction company due tomorrow morning at 8 am. ZzzzZZzzzzz...

My weekend quite literally began at precisely 6:30 pm when I got off from work (ugh, I know, 9.5 hour-work day) and probably won't end till tomorrow at about 7:59 am.

The morning afternoon after Vicki's birthday extravaganza, I woke up and tried to find my bearings for the next three hours before I had to meet Paul and his gf, Louise, on the bus at precisely 5:30 (Paul, you have to be the most stringent event planner I've ever met. Next to me, of course).

We went downtown for some dinner at some university pub called O'Malley or O'Grady and then went to the UofT hockey arena to see Jeff play hockey against UofT (fellow GFSS alumni Scott Malcolm, who played for UofT, and Mindy Sung were there. And yes, ladies, Scott Malcolm is still hot). I would have to say last night's game was a good game for several reasons:

  1. Jeff actually played the entire game even though he's the second-string goalie (is that the right term?) and doesn't always play, because the first-string goalie apparently did bad the night before (yes, Jeff, he was good-looking)
  2. Last night's game was comparatively better to the night before (they lost 7-2 on Friday and lost only 4-3 last night). I think it was also considered a 'good game' compared to the entire season ("Windsor is 1 in 7"). But then again, what do I know about sport technicalities?

After the game, we went to another university pub called Ein-Stein. As per the usual uni pubs, there was an incredibly terrible student band playing and for some reason, I kept hearing Borat impersonations (*rolls eyes* everyone is ruining Borat for me). It was so crowded we ended up bumping other people out of their seats because our posse was big: Adam and his gf, Justin and his new Plus One, Paul and Louise, Jeff and Whitney and me and Mel (we're the new Niles and Frasier Crane in a group of couples, can't ya tell?). Sorry, no pics. Camera died again.

After Ein-Stein's, Mel and I headed back to Mississauga to catch a poker game at Cuong's (where I was greeted with more Borat impersonations. I regret introducing Borat to Alex). We played till the wee hours of the morning before I crashed and woke up about an hour ago. Oye.

I don't believe I've had this kind of weekend since the weekend my parents were away and I was with people for a full 72 hours (remember when Alex had so much schoolwork to do that weekend, but we dragged him all the way to Niagara anyways? <3) I'm quite pleased that I got to see everyone this weekend. Boy, do I miss the summer.

I will be sitting my ass in front of this computer for the next god-knows-how-many hours to finish this Legal Memorandum with a bowl of congee with mushy black-eyed peas (when will my mother learn that you can't overcook beans?). OK, I think I've wasted enough time writing to the WWW, time to get down to work.

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