Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Calling All Shoe-Hoarders and Shoe-Mongers

It's amusing when you're just chillin with your friend and you come up with the coolest ideas (whilst not high) and then BAM! Two weeks later you see it in your LouLou magazine because someone else had the same idea.

The other day Ish and I were discussing how we desperately needed a way to organize and store all our shoes. I have a bad habit of taking shoes out of the box, wear 'em and then leave them lying around because I have a faint idea that I will wear them again. I just really hate having to go back to my closet to locate those shoes again because it is really hard to find shoes when they're from different brands and some of the boxes look similar. However, I also really hate it when my shoes are lying around, defenseless and vulnerable. My babies!

The solution? Clear shoe boxes! I really don't know why shoe manufacturers don't just do this from the start. Some of us actually keep the boxes and store our shoes in them, so the shoe box is not only something to transport the shoe from the store to my feet. I tried to eBay and Google 'clear shoe boxes' but only found them available in the UK (shipping costs > shoe boxes themselves) and then, huzzah! LouLou features them in this month's issue, including a discount (use checkout code 'LOULOU' for 15% off at clearshoeboxes.com). FANTASTIC!

They're about $5 a box if you buy them in bulk, which is somewhat reasonable considering how much I spend on the shoes themselves. And it will definitely reduce the clutter of loose shoes and boots that are piled at my floor.

Ahh, great shoe-minds think alike.

^What I would look like if I smoked up and came up with other fantastic ideas

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Kathy said...

So simple and yet so brilliant.