Saturday, November 11, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-uh-uh-uh-un

I need to revise my thoughts on the female species.

Girls aren't that much different than guys. Guys play mind games as much as any other girl in relationships. Girls can be "[still] a lady but dance like a hoe" and feel like a stud after. Guys have as many vanity products as girls (just cruise your local drug store). And girls can easily drink guys under the table.

Or my girls can.

Vicki's birthday + Friday night (meaning, just got paid) + girls = funtastic night! Vicki decided we should do an all-out girls' night complete with drinking and dancing. We decided to meet up with Sarah after her Three Days Grace concert and moved on next door to Guvernment. Because the four of us all range in different preference of music genres (from Asian gangsta rap to downright 'black is the only colour' heavy metal music), she chose Guvernment, thinking it would be 'neutral' (R&B and club anthems). Long story short: the club played straight up hip hop, reggae and reggaeton. Of course, I didn't mind.

Nevertheless, I'm sure we all had a great time, especially since we spent about $200 on booze (in girl-calculation, that's barely enough to buy a pair of last last season's open-toed Pradas! =_=). We only stopped drinking because we pretty much ran out of money.

And what did we do besides drink? Dance, of course! And, uh, grind. I guess for under-average dancers, grinding is all you can do at a club with 'black people music', so that's what a good majority of people in the club did. Oh, and it wouldn't be a 'complete' dancing experience if I didn't dance on stage. Which of course I did, with Sarah (I think I also recall me doing a little 'Me & U' seduction to Vicki. Happy birthday, Bubs).

Ears shot, a little tipsy and some of us having felt a little violated (Jez the Cockblocker Extraordinare!) we left at about 2 am and gorged on McDonald's (but not before cruising around for a 24-hour McDonald's).

Jez and I reminisced our old clubbing days, back when she was single and ghetto fab (aah, La Rouge) and we sure have come a long way since then. I realized that I probably go clubbing quite a bit, as much as it doesn't seem like it. I've seen and felt just about everything (and then some) so a lot of 'club antics' don't really surprise me anymore. Isn't that just plain sad? How long can I keep this up before I 'outgrow' this? NEVER!, I say.

In addition to our whining and dining, I think we can safely add 'dancing and boozing' as our new favourite activity to do together. We just need to fine tune our 'picking up' skills, though. Right, Vicki?

^The brave souls who took the TTC downtown
^This was just the beginning
^Welcome back, baby!
^Drank Too Much and Vicki
^Jez, Sarah and me (with a straw, I'm so hood)

^Sarah and I, owning that stage

You may have noticed that there weren't many pictures from my camera as usual. For one, my camera batteries died about half-way through. HOWEVER, there were tons of those guys who take pictures at clubs and post them online, so those pics will surely go up on here when they're posted. AND there's video (yes, video) footage of us somewhere that will no doubt be posted. Whether it will be posted (or even linked) on this blog is still in debate (some of us may have had less inhibitions last night, but some of us don't want other people to see it). For the live-action version of these pictures of whatever happened last night, you'll have to check back and see. ;)

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Kathy said...

That picture of you laughing is really cute. Almost as cute as the pic of you holding a daisy taken at Algonquin.