Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mount Tremblant ... woo hoo?

I'm looking at all the ePost-Its on my laptop desktop and I want to cry. There's about 3 weeks left of school which means a collision of assignment deadlines and final exams. Wahhhh...

The semester has flown by so damn fast and already the winter is just around the corner (hard to believe since it was balmy today). I can't wait for the snow. I found my winter boots. I'm ready!

Snow also means snowboarding, which I'm sort of looking forward to. I say 'sort of' because I am anticipating the injuries and stuff. Especially since a ski trip to Mount Tremblant is currently in the works (good ol' Iljya for thinking of snow during Thanksgiving).

My feelings for the trip to Tremblant have been mixed with every day the plans come into motion...

Going on a trip ... good.

6-hour plus road trip in the winter ... bad.

Road trip ... good.

Snowboarding ... good.

Alex pushing me down the Black Diamond hill -- again ... bad.

Bringing the tobaggons! ... great!

Snowboarding at Mount Tremblant ... bad (look at how big it is!!!! I'm going to die before I reach the bottom of the mountain!). The 'condotel' we'll be staying at ... good (fireplace, kitchen, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi , ping pong table <--only for the Russians).

The cost of the trip ... bad.

The cost of the trip when I found out how much the trip would have cost minus the discounts and scrimping ... good.

The fact that I won't have time to take more snowboarding lessons pre-trip ... bad.

Kathy and Mel's infamous road trip sandwiches ... good.

Alex and the Sandwiches ... bad.

Likeliness of seeing more friends during the trip ... good! And hopeful!

Alex and Yuri and their crazed-obsession with Borat and impersonating Borat ... bad. And oh-so-ass-kicking worthy.

Me kicking anyone's ass who even mentions the name 'Borat' on this trip ... pending. I better not hear any "high fives", Alex.

So as you can see, my emotions are going wild. Haha. I'm just so glad I haven't taken the responsibility of planning this thing. I don't think I can put up with all the planning and exams and assignments and work. Too crazy.

Okay, time to get my head out of the clouds. Work work work school school school exam exam exam!

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