Monday, November 06, 2006

That Makes the Two of Us

Holy cow (holy cow?)! I've found my male counterpart. Just when I thought there couldn't be a more male version of me than me, I always seem to forget that there's another part of the world that makes up 6 billion of us (1.2 billion of which are Asian, "brrrrap!").

Lo and behold, the male version of yours truly can be found in the third world country, "land of the brown" (I love you, Bryanboy), Philippines. However, I wouldn't say he's entirely like me. For one, I would not hold up a sign that says "Find Me A Date". And second of all, his taste in music is, well, *yawn* (to me, however if we always judged people by the music they listened to, I'd have no friends). Nevertheless, me and this guy might as well be different as night and ... later that night.

I especially like his little entry titled, "Why I've Never Had a Relationship", namely because I personally hate being asked that as I have no clear answer to that question myself. In fact, just the other day some friends were trying to answer that question for me and couldn't come up with one. Like Joaquin, I've had "things" and I too look back on those "things" and am glad they never turned into relationships.

Unlike Joaquin though, I can't really say I've put myself "out there" on the Internet as he has (cripes, he has his own domain name). Yeah, I'm signed up to a couple of those "profile and meet people" sites, but in all honesty it is either a.) for membership to get into clubs for free or b.) to view the other guys that my friends are cruising ("What do you think of him?" and "Do you think he's good looking?", "Look at this guy's...", etc., etc.). I've received a number of interested prospects but to be honest, 8 out of 10 of them are either stupid, really stupid or really ugly. Or so stupid, they're ugly (yeah, alot of those). There's really nothing wrong with meeting people off the internet, I think. Sure, there's that added 'mystery behind the computer screen', but it's just a matter of being street smart and using common sense. I've had alot of friends do The Internet Thing and it's either worked out great, well, or bad. Either way, it's no different than meeting someone at a club, bar or your local sock-hop.

This Joaquin guy seems really nice, out-going and is pretty hot. Too bad he's not more local (like, same-continent local). Under any other circumstances, this might be a more cost-efficient dating endeavour for the both of us. It's kind of a relief to know that he's my age and that he is in the exact same situation as I am. It's a little comfort knowing that I'm a little less weird than I thought I was. However, just because we're alike, does not a relationship make. Just the sheer collaboration of our perpetual-singleness neurosis might just bring us back to where we started and remind us why we were there in the first place.

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