Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wa wa wee wee wa

(^OMG. I just quoted Borat. I'm going to hell.)

Any girl that doesn't say putting on her highest stiletto heels, stripping down to their underwear and strutting around to some 'sashay, sashay' music is a pick-me-up, is lying. Or is obviously not me. Haha. *sigh* I'm going to miss long hair.

Pics from the 2006/07 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show:

^Heather Marks as popcorn. Loves it.
^Karolina can do no wrong
^I < 3 you, Stammy, but please stick to couture
^Let's face it: Gisele owns Victoria's Secret
^Hmm... interesting...
^Every time I see Ana in candid shots, I want to slap her, but I admit she can work it
^The perfect woman: hot bod, gorgeous and a virgin. And I don't think that heavenly glow is an accident
^Schooooool's out, for-eva: I wonder if I can pull this off for graduation in April...
^Is it me, or does Angela Lindvall have a really 'short' forehead?
^Alessandra is dumb but pretty. I'm sort of jealous.
^Selita Ebanks: Tyra who?

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