Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Inner Male in me

ATTENTION SHOELOVERS and straight guys who need to buy new shoes: Aldo's Outlet store at Yonge and Dundas (as far as I know, this is the only location I've seen) is having a half-off sale on their strappy sandals, wedged platforms, and the like (I can't remember if the boots are on sale too, because usually everything in the store is 'on sale'). GO NOW. There's plenty of selection and it's friggin' dirt cheap because it's half-off the last ticketed price (ahh, my most cherished phrase, next to "Here, just take this for free" and "Lil, you fabulous broad"). Speaking of cheap shoes, check out this hilarious article by my favourite shoeblogger, Manolo (I wish I had the nerve to speak the way he writes).

Today was Casino Day at my school, and of course, my assprint was emblazed at the Poker table, even after I swore off Poker after Saturday night. I ended up having to miss half my Philosophy class because I was still hanging on by a string and kept coming back! We didn't use real money (basically they give you $5000 Humber dollars to play with and you have to win a certain amount from Poker, BlackJack or Roulette to obtain a raffle ticket for a specific prize), so I'm not really sure why I spent an hour and a half playing Poker. I was actually supposed to be working with my classmate on an assignment but she ended up working on it herself while she let me play (I love you, Ish!). These are tell-tale signs that I have a gambling problem, although I don't know if I'd call it a gambling problem because I wasn't even playing with my/real money. I think I have an odd competitive streak with men, as if I have to prove myself somehow (I was basically the only girl there).

Perhaps it's leftover tomboy-ness from middle school. Or perhaps it has come back to haunt me~! I used to be so damn competitive and gallant. But it wasn't just with anyone. It's mainly with guys. My class is 90% chicks, and I don't give a shit what they do. I have no qualms or jealousy with my female friends. But if you put me at a table of guys with cards and chips, or even on the old middle school parking lot to play foot hockey, I suddenly grow a penis macho ego. Why?!

I'm quite sure I'm straight and I do have a feminine side (re: my shoe closet). I don't think I do this to attract guys (as I'm sure alot of girls do, don't lie), because a.)I'm competitive with even the guys I consider brother-like and ugly strangers, and b.) I know guys don't like girls who are like this. Hmm...

So how did I do at Poker? For you Poker enthusiasts: I ended up going all in, as I had only three chips left ($300) with low cards (7 and 9, I think) because I knew I had to go to class and I really needed to pee. The other two guys had face cards and kept raising each other until there was over $17k in the pot, pre-flop. Then one of the casino event organizers came and threw in $5000 in the pot and said whoever won the pot could take the extra $5,000. Yours truly, the River Fluker, managed to get two pairs (over one other guy's pair of A's, I think). I won $22 K from that hand! Too bad it wasn't real money, though. Oh, the shoes I could buy with that money...

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