Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When NOT in Rome, envy those who are...

It would be oh-so-cliche of me to state that the Beckhams are an 'enviable couple'. So I won't say it. Rich, good-looking, pro-athlete breadwinner (oh, but didn't he get kicked off the team?), a litter of offspring (and she still manages to look as if she didn't naturally bear them all), trend-setting hair, very nice clothes (love love love her Matthew Williamson/whoever she's wearing Miu Miu), friends in high places, strolling around in romantic and godly city and their accents (OK, that's one of mine).

And now I want to add to the list: Mrs. Beckham manages to get Mr. Beckham to carry her worldy possessions, so she doesn't have to carry a purse and he STILL look chic and manly.

Son's of bitches.

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