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Vive la Fromage! Montreal 2006: Day Two

I'm bad. Very very bad. I know, I lied. I said I'd post the rest of the Montreal trip yesterday but I didn't. I ended up going to Kathy's to cut her hair and then staying for dinner. By the time I came home, I was like, 'fuck it'. Tonight I was gonna do the same thing as I just came home from purchasing a teeny, tiny laptop for myself. But I will refrain from playing with it and post because Kathy just scolded me for not posting.

So, with a gun to my head, here it goes...

Day 2, Saturday September 2

The morning after the drunken night of blackjack, banana gorging and giggles and shits, was very tiring and bleary. Somehow some of the guys managed to rummage up the energy to make breakfast for all. And then I guess someone fell asleep at the stove and burned the food so much that the alarm went off. Just another hungover morning...

^Fanning the alarm
We decided for the day that we would split up since some of us wanted to check out the Biodome (Team Nerd) and some of us did not (Team Cool). Those of us didn't feel like learning on their vacation decided to check out the street sidewalk sale on the other side of town. The adventure begins with all of us taking the subway, the Metro. I don't know what I was expecting but for some reason, I didn't think Montreal subway stations would be so... lived out (I spied a pair of underwear lying in the station. Now, how did that get there?). Oddly enough, the TTC seems quite luxurious compared to the Metro. The Metro was narrow, poorly designed and lacked air conditioning. I nearly hugged the TTC conductor this morning on my way to school.
^Who the fuck is 'Charlie'?
^Here comes the Metro
^Dev, Kathy and Mel at the Biodome
^Who's ready to LEARN?
The street sidewalk sale was good. I was amazed at how cheap the food was (a box of chow mein went for 2 bucks and pizza was 99cents). I even picked up Jay Z's "The Blueprint" for 3 dollars! One thing I noticed (actually the guys pointed this out): not alot of good looking people in Montreal. Not even faintly good-looking. We were by far, the best-looking people there. Seriously. Do people come to Montreal to hook up because they're too drunk to notice how fug these people are? Okay, that's mean, but maybe the good-looking people come out at night? Let's hope so.

I dunno what Team Nerd did at the Biodome, but from what I can tell from the pictures, they did alot of plant-watching. As for Team Cool, we hit the area that is popular for young kids. It was basically the Montreal version of Queen St., with the funky shops and the even funkier-clad people. We hit a pool hall even and just took in the young people culture (and still no great-looking local people around).

Everyone met up again in the evening and we went out for Chinese food before rushing back to the hotel to get ready for crazy fun evening -- Montreal-style.

^A hearty meal at the Deer Garden Restaurant
^The ladies get ready for a fun and crazy night
^The girls are ready and set... ^The boys are clearly not
The guys took their sweet ass time getting ready and whatnot so us ladies made it a brief 'girls night' and headed out on our own first. We decided to hit the Soho area where most of the nightlife took place, before we met up with the guys to get jiggy with it. We decided to go to the club 'early' (10:30 pm) because it was open bar until 11:30 and Brandon was getting us in for free (gotta love those hook ups). Unfortunately we hit a snag just going in when the bouncer didn't approve of Cuong's apparel and turned him away. However, luckily everything turned out fine (oddly enough they were more concerned about dress code than they were about checking our pockets for weapons). Cuong came back, sans the t-shirt that was disapproved, and everyone got in for free. Time to get silly drunk!

We went to Orchid, which I heard was one of the best. I enjoyed it, as they played hip hop, R&B and old skool. Drinks were good and the venue was nice. They had a stage (with a pole!) and the people there were moderately good looking. I even saw a familiar (way too familiar, she lives right behind me!) face: Kirat! Fellow Mississaugian!

^Mothers, lock up your sons. The Ladies are out!
^Girls watching the street performer play with a marrinete marionette marinade doll
^Walking around the Soho area
^Me, doing hemming wonders to Megan's pants with a stapler
^Cheers! Clink!
^Feat #1: Get Kathy to drink. Alot. ACCOMPLISHED
^Hooray for Montreal!
^Whoa, Andru looks pissed...
...and Mel does not
^Feat #2: Get Nam to a club. ACCOMPLISHED
^Feat #3: Get Kathy to a club and dance. ACCOMPLISHED
^Feat #4: Get Kathy to dance on stage...with a stripper pole! ACCOMPLISHED
^Feat #5: Get Nam to dance on stage ACCOMPLISHED
^I look way too pro with that pole and there are way too many pics of me on stage...
^They should have a maximum age limit at this club
^Look, it's Kirat! A familiar face from home!
Dev apparently got pretty wasted and puked on not one, but two Mercedes Benz' on his way back to the hotel! Nice! Everyone went back to the hotel, while me, Meg and Shinji got to know three guys we met at Orchid. They seemed like nice guys and we decided to hang out with them after Orchid with 5 of their other friends. Turns out they're from New York (Queens, to be exact) and they were young professionals (lawyers, orthodontist, musician and one works for NBC, apparently) so it wasn't too bad (although Megan is skeptical that they are who they say they are). I don't think any of us girls were particularly interested in getting to know them more than in Montreal, but it was still fun anyway (although I think 'my' guy, Gill, was the cutest out of all of them). And on a side note, I never ever do shit like this (go off with strange guys we meet spontaneously), it just seemed like a crazy Montreal thing to do ("when in Rome...").
Gill, Shinji, Megan and the Orthodontist (can't remember his name, but I remember his teeth)

Me, Meg and Shinji got home at about 5 in the morning and crashed wherever we could find space since everyone was sprawled all over the hotel suite. My hearing was definitely impaired and I probably smelled like alcohol, Chinese food and sweat all mixed together. But I didn't give a shit. Funnest night ever, guys.

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