Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hard Candy, not so sweet afterall

Yeahhhh, that's a pretty random picture. I'm just posting it because I like it*. It's Gisele Bunchen, if you really need to know. The boobs, the hair, the mouth. All so Perfect (my version of Perfect).




*not gay.

I just came home from the Lam's. We watched this movie I've only really heard of called, Hard Candy. It's one of those Canadian-made, film festival-genre, thinking movies. It had the workings of a Hollywood pay-$15-admission type of movie, but it just had too much artsy fartsy and not enough sex, drugs and violence to make it a blockbuster.

Generally the movie is about a girl who meets an older man via the net and they meet offline. Yeah, seems pretty predictable from there to figure who's the victim and who's the bad guy. Or so you think. I challenge you all to watch this movie if a.) you have the time and energy to sit through a movie with mainly two characters acting off each other, or b.) Who loves P E D O P H I L E S?!. The movie gets 3 1/2 stars from me, mainly because the main chick pissed me off but the pedophile was oh-so-cute (yet oh-so-dirty...). If you care, Sandra Oh's in this movie, but no Dr. McDreamy.

I watched this movie wondering who it was to appeal to: to thwart pedophiles from ever meeting children offline (not fucking likely) or to send the message out that it's OK chastise pedophiles. What's wrong with chastising pedophiles, you ask?

I think it's way too easy to just lynch pedophiles. No, I'm not defending them, but I don't think all pedophiles deserve to be treated like this is their choice. I believe violent acts are by choice, but the thoughts that go through their heads, it's gotta be inherent. Of course there are many reasons why someone might want to go after a kid (lack of self-confidence, bad childhood, cannot relate to people their own age) but the want and the actual doing, I think, are totally different and should be treated as such.

Perhaps I have too much compassion for everyone and I will likely be vilified for the statements I am making right now, but shit. I haven't put in my two cents about anything lately.

BTW, I know I have yet to post an entry from the final day of Montreal, but I just got lazy tonight. Bah well.

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