Monday, September 11, 2006

Sashay, sashay, sashay

My, my. It was certainly brisk today and I must admit I totally loved it. I pulled out the good ol' trenchcoat and donned a turtleneck (a turtleneck in September! How 'bout that!).

This is my favourite time of year, where the season is in between the extreme seasons (summer and winter) and... Fashion Week is upon us!

Lame, huh? How can someone who's not even in the fashion industry get excited about Fashion Week? I don't know. I'm just strangely drawn to it. And talking about it. But I sure as hell would never get as excited about the passing of a new legislation or something...

I think one of the reasons I like Spring and Fall is that I get a chance to get out of the fashion rut (short shorts can only be so fun and wearing a heavy jacket can only be so cozy) that is late Summer and Winter. I think I'm one of those people who constantly need change, rather than fear it.

^Yes, that's a shoe on her head.

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