Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Attention Social Butterflies and Leeches!

As some already know, I sometimes moonlight as a server/bartender. I haven't been doing much of it lately but earlier this year and especially last year I did a few events (particularly ones that involved alcohol). It's really a lot of fun and the tips are really good, especially if you have a nice smile*.

*A nice rack

I still get a couple of odd job offers and this time I would like to pass this little bit of info to those out there looking for something to do and/or would like to start doing some networking if you're looking to do something excting, such as event-planning (ever since seeing The Wedding Planner, I tend to think this kind of job is quite glamourous and so fun). However, for this 'event', it is volunteer but as far as I can tell, there may be benefits. These benefits would include meeting new people, learning new things and quite possibly making some money like tips, if the job you're doing calls for it. I have an itching feeling that a few of my dear readers may be interested. If any of you do decide to jump on this bandwagon, please lemme know how it went.


Promotion: Industry Event

Duties: Your Choice (Registration, Serving,Flair Bartending)

Location: High End Toronto Restaurant

City: Toronto

Date: Thursday September 28

Hours: 4pm - 10pm

Pay Rate: Exposure Within Event Industry

M/F: Males and Females

NOTES National Event Staffing is participating in a get together for eventplanners and those in the event industry. Our client is expecting avery good turn out, perhaps over 800 people from the industry will beattending. We are looking for staff to Volunteer their time and helpat the event. All staff that attend will gain exposure to theindustry,promotional gifts and other perks during and after the event.

Please choose form the following options for the evening,Registration, Serving Appetizers or Flair Bartending.

REPLY NOW Reply now with the following information.- Promotion Applied For- Choice (Registration, Serving, Flair Bartending) - Full Name- Cellular Phone Number- Headshots and/or Full Length Photographs and/or Staff Info Sheet- Preferred Task/s at Event

BE ADVISED Only those that are considered for the promotion will receive a reply.

As you may have noticed, this is quite short notice and applicants need not be ugly. The email to 'reply' back to is work-alert@nationaleventstaffing.com. I've done a couple gigs for them, including the Rolling Stones Concert and a couple Molson Canadian events.

Good luck!

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