Thursday, September 14, 2006

Beautiful Stranger, is that you?

I checked out the latest Cassie video for her song "Long Way 2 Go" the other day. Yeah, the video really butchered the song for me, but whatever. But this isn't what I wanted to discuss.

OK, this is going to sound sooo far-fetched, but if you remember my post awhile back about the hot hot hot guy I hooked up with at Tonic, I want to speculate something about this Cassie video. Watch the Cassie video and check out the guy she has a dance battle with (the hot Asian dude who saunters into the club as if he's all that, because he probably is)

I'm 88.88% sure that that is the guy I hooked up with at Tonic, no joke!! Allow me to make some supporting arguments:

1. The guy looks really familiar and looks alot like "T". Meg/Dev/Dru/Cuong, you all saw him, do you agree? Yes, it was a while ago, and it was dark. But just try to remember! I need to know I'm not just seeing things.

2. He has a tattoo on his neck. "T" had a tattoo on his neck.

3. The guy's online name in the video is "Tatt-guy" or something. Tatt_guy..."T"....Hello? (yes, I'm aware that that just could be his 'name' in the video, and not necessarily his real name, but humour me a little)

Umm.. that's pretty much the gist of my argument. A large chunk of it has to do with the fact that the guy in the video looks very, very, very similar to "T".

So what if it is him? I dunno, it's just kinda cool. The mystery of my Beautiful Stranger is somewhat solved.

Hmm.. I wouldn't mind getting into a dance off with this guy *in bed*. I also wouldn't mind getting into a dance off with Cassie, on the dancefloor, of course.

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krystle said...

Hi :),
About that asian guy in cassie's video "long way 2 go" know him?! you hooked up with him? wow..that's so cool.
umm...I gotta tell you,don't you think he looks a lot like the guy in Monica's video - "the first night"? I think it may be the same's the link of Monica's video n tell me what you think.

ok well..I thought you might enjoy that..haah..reply back ASAP please :) my email address is :