Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vive la Fromage! Montreal 2006: Day Three (at last)

I was going to post an entry last night whilst play Poker but I didn't know Cuong didn't have wireless internet. Bah. I tried. Right now I'm gonna attempt to publish this entry before I leave to meet Jez at the bus stop to go downtown...

So after the long night of hard partying, some of us (Team Nerd) actually made the attempt to go to the Biodome again because they apparently didn't finish seeing everything the day before (OMG).

^Is there anywhere in Montreal where there's not a hint of erotica?

^Mel finds her plant-twin


Meanwhile, the rest of us managed to find our 'niche' in Montreal, somehow: a place to play jitz and drink bubble tea and find other young good-looking Asian people. Aaaaaaaaaah (but there's nothing like Captain's Pool Hall in the end).

When the rest of the group met up with us, we went for some dim sum (which was a huuuuuge rip off) where we experienced some pretty dismal service. So, in the land of big tipping, the guys decided we should leave exact change. In Nam's bid to 'run off' after leaving no tip, he somehow managed to pull a 'Nam'...and slipped on a freshly-mopped floor, right next to the 'Caution: Wet Floor' sign. To top it off, he looked exactly like the man on the sign.

^A Youtube moment missed because I was literally on the floor

^Waiting for the valet: "Bring us our cars, good sir"

Checked out and packed, we decided to make one last stop: Mont Royal. Our hotel suite faced this mountain that sits in the middle of Montreal and I was dying to check it out because I heard it was a good lookout over Montreal. A perfect ending to a perfect trip (minus the rain on the last day...).

^MORE walking

^What a bad day to look over Montreal

It 10:23 pm and I got home about an hour ago. Hahahaha... I suck. And I'm exhausted. Good night.

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