Sunday, July 23, 2006

We're running wild as we're restless, and we jump till we're breathless

I hope everyone had a good weekend. A decent one, at least. The summer weeks are tick tocking by! School is coming up (well, it just feels like it, because I'm starting to buy my text books already) and pretty soon everyone will be too busy to do anything.

My weekend was of the awesome, yet again. Gotta love those road trips to the country. A summer home in the country is definitely something I will invest in when I have the time/money. I should round up a group of friends and we can split it and timeshare it. Woot.

This weekend ended up being a couple of seperate plans that Alex and I managed to roll into one. Team 'Win'!!

Man, we are such troopers, I must say. Our choices for the weekend were to either go to Kincardine, near Lake Huron or to Lake Simcoe for a fishing trip on a platoon (I dunno why I like saying that word. Platoon. Platoooooooon.). It was really hard to decide so we did BOTH despite these locations being on either sides of the provinces, almost. I think. I'm not totally sure. I actually didn't even look at a map at all this weekend. Totally relied on driving directions from the internet, which was not entirely the best idea.

We decided that we'd spend two nights in Kincardine and drive Sunday morning to meet the boys for fishing at Lake Simcoe. Do-able? There were doubts, but I was determined to make it work...

So Alex and I left the Sauga on Friday night, after I had dinner with the girls at Moxie's ($30 meal!! Oh well, it was a mini celebration of my new found employment to myself) and a 'quick' pick up from the LCBO. We left alot later than I had hoped, but Alex contended that since that is what usually happens with us and plans---we were doing well. Haha. And we actually did make the normally 3-hour trip to Kincardine in record time by flying down deserted country roads at night in his teeny tiny Civic.

Iljya's mother's new house is fantastic. It was custom made and stuff and I was pretty impressed that my room was hexagonal-shaped. The first night I didn't end up in the room as me and Alex promptly got drunk and downed a good chunk of liquor!

Keep in mind, that bottle was new, and we had about 2/3 of a huge bottle of liqeuer! We passed out on the floor at about 5 am. I didn't even have a hangover the next morning, which was impressive. The next morning we went to the beach that is just steps from the house. What a freezing swim that was, but it definitely woke me up. Me and Alex even adopted a baby snail, and I brought it home to 'raise'. "Snaily" needs to be christened with a new name, though.

Me and Kathy went downtown to 'sightsee'. There isn't really much sight to be seen in Kincardine that you don't see in other small, small towns, especially since we were there just a year ago and not much has happened (although the Asian market has extended their merchandise to a few garments and yarn).

I could've checked out the Tim Horton's that Marc Jacobs' muse, Jessica Stam, was discovered (yes, she was discovered in a Timmy's in Kincardine!). How could a chick from a small, desolate area like Kincardine inspire this, the Stam bag?

Kincardine should really use Jessica Stam to promote tourism and it'll attract some fashoinable tourists! Although there weren't a lot of fashionable types there to begin with, mostly punk rock skater types.

Kathy and I did the usual consignment window-shopping and used book store-browsing. We BBQ'd and later that night we watched the "Best Sunset in the World" off Lake Huron, and then... we skinny-dipped. I can finally check that off my list of 'Things that Need to be Done before The Inevitable". However, it was unfortunate that I lost my virginity to skinny-dipping to a freezing, rocky lake beach. I would have to describe that first experience like the first time two teenagers lose their virginities to each other: rocky, painful and a dark blur.

I wouldn't say that the skinny-dipping was the most exiciting thing I did in Kincardine. The most exciting thing would have to be the walk back to the house. You see, to get to the beach from the house, you have to take this long path through the forest and there are no real big clear paths, just a little troddened one. For some reason that night, noone thought to bring a flashlight and we were left stumbling around in the forest, whilst shivering cold and barely dressed for hiking in pitch darkness trying to find the path to lead us home! Woo, boy. Let's just say, that was a worst fear realized: total darkness, alone and cold.

Eventually we found our way home by looking up and following where the trees made a clearing to the sky. We really need to hone our nature survival skills. It was still fun though. Not at the time, but it was fun that we had that thrill. "Oooooh, Blair Witch, guys!"

So, by the time we got to bed, it was midnight. I knew sure as hell Alex wouldn't get up so I knew I'd have to be the one to get us up and going. I had an alarm clock and Iljya's stepdad's old cell phone to wake me. The aim was to wake up at 4am...we woke up at 5am. Why? Let's just say, the alarm clock didn't wake me, the cell phone did. And although the cellphone was set to 4:00 am the cell phone was old...and set to a different time because of daylight savings...once upon a time.

At 5 am:

I bolted out of bed, shook the shit out of Alex, packed up his shit, let the cat in the house, fed the cat, put on makeup, packed the car and made the effort to write a thank-you note for Iljya's parents.


We finally set off at about 5:30 am, one friggin' hour behind schedule!!! But we did make it to the Lake Simcoe Marina, safe and sound. I was amazed that I was still up for fishing after just under 5 hours of sleep. I even caught three fish, I was so proud. They may not have been whale-sized, but I was still very pleased. The boys, however, were not. Out of 7 of them, one fish was brought back. Put that, together with less than substantial amount of sleep and you get 7 fatigued and disappointed guys. Not exactly the partying type, but I still had a great time.

After fishing, Alex and I satisfied his craving for french toast (yeah, odd craving) and ended up at the Golden Griddle. It wasn't the Waffle House, but it sufficed well. I came home with a new pet, dirty laundry, three fish and tons of memories and pictures. Weekend was a success.

Shoutouts: Alex, thanks for putting up with my singing and not leaving me on the side of the road. Thanks to Dev, for organizing the fishing trip at Lake Simcoe. Kathy and Iljya, the skinny-dipping was a one-time thing, right?

Pictures of the trip shall follow, hopefully soon. My camera's currently MIA and I know it'll take Kathy a good 6 months to send me Iljya's pics. Speaking of which, thanks for the fire pics, Kathy. FINALLY.

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Kathy said...

You failed to share the wonderful experience of jacuzzing after the skinny-dipping.

I feel so much closer to you now...*wink.