Friday, July 28, 2006

In a dream, my love, you will find my heart...

What an exhausting fucking week. I've been working overtime everyday, like 10-hour work days. This week has been exceptionally long because I had about 7 closings this week, five of which were on the same day. For those who don't really speak real estate: it's like having five assignements due on one day, each with an exceptional amount of paper work in which you have to rely on other people to provide to you. Yeah, it just sucks. However, I'm learning lots, so that would probably make it a successful feat.

The pics from last weekend at Kincardine and Lake Simcoe.

^Kickin' it
^Maybe it's just Alex and Iljya, but I don't get the Russian fascination with axing... ^What was left of the bottle after mine and Alex's night of binge drinking ^Alex hangin' out ^All I have to say is: Alex is 21 12 ^This pic is kinda weird because me and Kathy are just hanging out on a ladder, but it's a nice picture for some reason ^Kathy and I More found at, hopefully. ^Me (not pictured), the boys, the platoon and the water

Hella tired now. More updates later.


Vicki said...

what's with the lyrics? I know Rockell is the greatest, but i would never picture you quoting one of her songs!

are you reminiscing about Lot 332?

spinderella said...


Actually I was listening to the song, whilst writing AND it was THE song me and Alex played over and over during our road trip, so it has some significance.

But yeah, Lot 332 was awesome and it really does bring back the memories.