Friday, July 07, 2006

The Others

It's really hard to imagine yourself as selfish until you open your eyes and learn about others.

I think I will think twice the next time I complain about how I wish my boobs were smaller because they'd look better in clothes. It's really hard to say this 'breast ironing' thing is "wrong" if it's a common and cultural ritual practised widely. It would be like telling Asians to stop being racist--it ain't gonna happen. Still sad, though. One nation's protection against sexual harassment is another nation's child endangerment and abuse.

In truth, there are alot of "shocking and horrifying" cultural rituals that aren't really 'out-ed'. Even in North America, young Hmong (Hmongese?) girls as young as 10 or 12 are forced to marry 30-40 year olds. If a guy sees a girl he likes, he can have her. Is it wrong? Might be so in the eyes of the law, but is it still wrong if it's practiced commonly by thousands of Hmongs? Perhaps not. It's not discussed alot, but it's out there.

"My 12-year old cousin has to marry my 40-year old uncle. She has no say in it. That's life."

"That's not life. That's FOB life." HAHAHA

As a nation that prides itself on its "multiculturalness" and encourages those to express their culture, it's hard to discuss 'illegal acts' that are supposed to be tradition in Canada. So how do we solve this problem and eradicate all these debates all together?

This is going to sound harsh, but if people want to bring over their cultural rituals that are illegal in North America, they might as well go back to their country or compromise their cultural beliefs and adapt to North American culture. Sure, with that comes the controversy of deciding whether to live a better life or to forget their cultural values, but it's the harsh reality they're going to have to make. Nothing comes easy in life and you can't have your cake and eat it too!

I've never really understood what people are thinking where one culture or religion wants 'special treatment' in Canada, for example, an Islamic Family Tribunal. These kinda things thwart the Canadian judicial system and when you give to one, you give to all, which just creates this ridiculous domino effect.

Sure, I don't have many strong cultural beliefs, so perhaps I can't really put my shoes into those who do. But sometimes you just need an outside point of view for a simple solution.

So, the choice is simple: get in or get out.

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