Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Devil wore Prada...finally.

So I finally saw The Devil Wears Prada after waiting a couple of years for the filming and two weeks after it's premiere. Couldn't find coax bribe blackmail threaten any available people to see the movie with me so... I dared to go to the movies by myself. Well, not entirely by myself. I went to the theatre with the guys, and they saw a man in tights whilst I saw Prada (and Louboutin and Chloe and Valentino...). I can now say I dared to go see a movie by myself without shame, and I'm damn proud of that.

The movie was great. I read the book years ago and from what I can remember, the movie took some essence from the book but not to a tee. Most people first think this movie is all about fashion and the labels, but it's merely a premise. For those who look into deeper meanings of movies (me), it's more about the dilemma I believe alot of young up and coming professionals face: how far would you go to achieve your goals and by what means and what are you willing to sacrifice. The topic is very interesting when you think about morals, ethics and personal lifestyle. It's eat or be eaten, and it's hard to figure out what route you should take.

While watching Andy take on the task as second assistant, I totally related to her from my stints as secretary and legal assistant. I secretly loathe those occupations, but it is the type of jobs I'm aiming for to get to my other goals. The menial tasks, the having to memorize specific instructions, the answering of phones (never ever let it go to voicemail!), uggggggh. Hated that. I'd much rather have the cushy office jobs with the perks and working independently. But of course, we all have to pay our dues, right?

And if you fashionistas intend on going to this movie to see 'what's new for fall', don't bother. Keep in mind this movie was probably filmed a couple years ago, so most everything in the movie is now 'in', therefore, old (Balenciaga motorcycle, Chloe Paddington lock bag *yawn). However, I applaud Patricia Field's work on the movie. The clothes gave me Sex and the City nostalgia. *tear

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