Thursday, July 13, 2006

High School High

I recently read an open-call ad for a highschool reality show. I guess it's to mirror that of Laguna Beach and America High, following a group of kids in highschool and their 'angst'.

It got me to thinking, what if a camera crew had come into my high school life? For me, the saying is true that highschool was probably some of the best years of my life (not including classes). I had some great friends, most of which are still my friends now and I went to a diverse school. Diverse being the population of the school made up of half Asian (yellow and brown), a quarter white, and the rest miscellaneous. I've been told the school is now 'ghetto' but I refuse to get into what is meant by that. I haven't gone back in a couple years (I believe the last time I was really there was to perform one last time) but it didn't seem to have changed too much to me.

Anyway, so what would the viewers see if a show were to follow me and my friends during our highschool years? Well, for one, the inevitable "drama" that I'm sure you'll find in all highschools. Oh! I'm sure people would so eat up the shit that went down in the Prom Committee. Certain 'characters' would get a lot of air time for their schemes and conniving ways (every show has the 'bad seed'). And I'm sure alot of people would just love my Naziness during ChinKL practices (Conan O'Brien and SNL would do parodies of me, I'm sure).

I'm laughing to myself about the different characters who I believe would become notorious for their personalities: The ChinKL Nazi, The FAT BITCH (that I hate), The Ditz, The Malicious Schemer, The Experienced One, The Stalker, Nam Lam... I'll let you try and figure out who each of them are because I don't want any slander suits here. With a colourful cast of characters with different stories and so many incidences that can be classified as memorable (when Dev 'hit' Nam or when Harold landed in a pile of shit or when I broke Jez's door down) who wouldn't tune in?

Haha come to think of it, I'd tune in to my life now.

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