Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back to basics

What's a group of friends to do with a tank full of gas and a whole weekend of good weather and nothing better to do?

Roadtrip and fishing, baby.

I really thought I'd be putting 'rural' and 'wilderness' behind me after the Algonquin trip. Looks like I've adapted to bugs and peeing in bushes. There's something about 'up north' that draws the city people like us to it. Is it the lack of noise and traffic? Or perhaps it's the ability to speed up to 140 km/h on rural highways. I think it's the fact that raccoons are cuter in the country than in the city because rabid animals just aren't as nice.

Yesterday, after we attended a funeral in the morning and chilled at Meg's, a bunch of us decided to roadtrip it to wherever Hwy 10 led us. The goal of the trip was to scout for good places to fish the next morning.

^Really, what's the point of enjoying the scene when I keep sleeping?
I was actually amazed at all the cool stuff I didn't know was just a couple towns north of my city. Winding nature trails, equestrian farms, tons of places to camp, country homes.
Where to next?
^Me and Dev poking a ferocious frog with a stick

We spent hours just going from pond to pond, lake to lake, park to park, winding trail to winding trail. We finally got back to the city and went downtown for grub, drinks, fireworks and a lil shopping.

^Cheap eats and drinkies at Jeremiah Bullfrogs

Okay, so 6 hours of roadtripping, drinking, shopping and fireworks. How did we ever do that in one day? What an accomplishment, but it really didn't end there. I got home at 2 am only to have to wake up 2 hours later to go fishing at dusk. The park opened at 6 am and we made it there in record time for when they opened (one hour travel time reduced to half an hour)! I think it was more like we were trying to race with the sun so that it wasn't too hot for ideal fishing. But whatever, with less than 5 hours of sleep and our bellies full of Timmy's (and tequila), I was thoroughly impressed with how well we did with time.

^Who needs a boyfriend when you've got these guys?
^Quang and his catches

We caught bass, sunfishes and perches (although I found out later it was actually pickerel). I didn't really catch any, per se (Alex caught one and let me reel it in. Thanks, Duch!) but I did get a few nibbles which was pretty exciting to me. We fished for hours and as predicted, I don't really have the patience to be a good fisher (like father, like daughter) as I gave up way before everyone was done. Just as well, I had a great time. I wouldn't mind doing it again, especially when we catch fish and I get to keep 'em and eat 'em!

^I don't care what those vegans say, the food cycle is a splendid thing

I'm kinda glad the weekend's over. I need to revert back from country bumpkin.

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