Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Nam!

Holy fuck. I tried to post an entry on my computer and then BAM! My computer overheated. One entry wasted. Second time, I came on my laptop and BAM! It froze. I am now making a third attempt and not in the mood to type too much anymore. So, this third entry will be in point-form.
  • Busy weekend again...
  • Employed again. Working in downtown Mississauga at a law firm. Yay. Start tomorrrow at 9 am. Boo.
  • Friday: went to do the Docks. Had fun. Boys need more work on their 'game'. Then had midnight Pho. It was delicious.
  • Saturday: celebrated Nam's 21st birthday. Had lots of fun. Volleyball to BBQ and everything in between. Stayed there till 1 am!! Attempted to skinny-dip but there were too many people around.
  • Sunday: hung out with my cousins. Played Lord of the Rings Monopoly. I hate Lord of the Rings. I hate Monopoly. But I had a good day.

Before the cam-whoring begins, I'd like to announce one thing...

Nam is...

...blonde again. Bleach blonde.

Oh, brother.

^We are silly

^Nam makes a friend...

^...or not.

^New feet for Dev

^Dev tries to dig to China

^Alex leans in for a kiss

^Mmm, chicken

^Kathy and Mel model for beachwear

^Volleyball players

^Dev experiments with flammable tequila

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thank god u didnt take any pictures after devs bbq pic... that why im here... to check if u did heheh :)
i woulda been like ----> :$
if u did.