Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer days, slippin' away...

No Doubt - "Sunday Morning"

This video pretty much sums up my entire weekend (oddly enough, I never even saw this Sunday morning as I was sleeping in).

Last night we 'que-d, watched Derailed and talked allllll night long at the Lam's. Quite literally. We left at 5 am. o_o

Shit, the summer weeks are counting down! Pretty soon school will have arrived, and I'm gonna have to start settling down again. I hate watching those Zellers Back-to-School sale commercials. They remind me of a time when I looked forward to the First Day and I'd go to Zellers to stock up on a ton of lined paper and binders. *sigh

This year, for some reason, my school year is starting a week earlier than usual. That's one less week for me to rest. So much to do, so little time! On the bright side, this will be my fourth and final year at that god forsaken learning institute I call Humber. I'll miss my girls, I'll miss being in the same school as Sarah and even Cuong, but I won't miss the classes or my program.

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