Sunday, August 27, 2006

CNE 2006: Round Two

As the hapless people that we are, a bunch of us went to the CNE for the SECOND time this summer, just to take advantage of the fact that we could get in for free because we had bought a pass the first time. And as per the norm, we did the usual at the Ex: shopping, gambling, ogling at boys.
^I don't understand why we still bother with these things...
^Ogling at boys: "How YOU doin'?!"
^Watching my Chinese name get written on rice
^Checking out the (cute) pimp!
^Making friends: umm... let's call him Pen Pen ^Maxing and relaxing with our new fowl friend ^Us and Pen Pen on what we thought was an elephant... ^ALL HAIL GANESH! ^The 'elephant' was actuallya bear eating (or hugging) a fish!
^Pen Pen is seriously a babe magnet, he's the guy to chill with to scope out the ladies
^Kathy and Mel wait for fireworks
^Mel and I REPRESENT ^That is one huge bird ^Showing off our take-home animal kingdom
Remember an entry I did back in July, making reference to this salt shaker set that I wanted to purchase for about $40?? Guess what I purchased for a mere $5 at the International Pavilion (specifically Thailand):
^The salt and pepper actually look a bit more than friends...

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