Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Read this.

Wow, it's really annoying when girls take shows like SATC, The OC, Friends, and One Tree Hill way way way out of context (I can see myself getting flamed later, because I know there are some hardcore TV fans reading this). And you would think an actress, like Lohan, would realize this herself!

C'mon, although these shows are based on fiction and there are some elements of truth, people have to realize that not all situations on TV apply to themselves. Sure, you may come across the same problems, but how many times can we rely on Ryan Atwood to come and rescue us from another bad boyfriend? And Sex and the City is not all about sex, although the subject creeps in from time to time (OK, time and time again) but alas, sex is the thing that we tend to focus on as if nothing else in the world matters (that's almost true).

There should be a show about people who base their own lives on shit they see on TV! And then the characters will re-enact the situations they had just seen on TV. That would be a good show. Someone get Jerry Bruckheimer on the phone!

I now realize why my dad calls the television the 'Idiot Box'. It really is for idiots. Idiots who don't know how to live their own lives.

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