Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bar! Sex! Mania!

Congratulations to me for winning yet another scholarship from my beloved Lem Society Organization. Sure, I was the ONLY one in my category, yet again. And okay, I did win by default and not just because I barely made the cut off of the minimum 80% this year (even had to do some post-semester work just to get there!). But fuck. That's a couple hundred dollars in my very worn Nicole Miller wallet for Montreal next weekend.

I've been checking out some digs to visit while I'm up there. Mostly looking up nightlife stuff, like clubs and bars. One club is offering open bar to ladies (hell to the yes) and I'm even thinking about hitting a couple strip clubs (a place called Bar Sexe Mania is one I'd like to check out b/c it seems to have the elements of a great night: alcohol, sex, non-idleness).

Gonna try and avoid Casino Montreal, although I'm sure we will make the visit because it looks really awesome in the pictures. I'm gonna avoid gambling, as I don't wish to be wasting more money on gambling than I have this month.

I'm gonna look up some 'scenic' routes to Montreal, because 6 hours of just the highway and those dinky rest stops seems unbearable. It seems like it's a lot of things to do in only two nights and three days, but I'm sure we will not be at a loss of things to do. Mel even mentioned a literal 'sidewalk sale' that will be going on while we're there (not the sale of sidewalks, but shopping on real sidewalks, not like at a mall). I wouldn't mind hitting a couple museums and such.

Yes, this trip will be a nice ending to the summer. Mais oui?

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