Monday, August 14, 2006

The Simple Life

These past two weeks have surely taught me a few things about being on my own. That is, without someone telling you what to do, reminding you of what you need to do and someone waiting at home worrying about you.

My parents were gone for 2 weeks while they did a cross-country tour of both Canada (West Coast) and the States (the states that line Canada). It was two blissful, yet hectic and exhausting weeks. I've learned a number of things that will hopefully help me out when I am out on my own for real...

1. If you keep your fridge stocked, they will come. "They" meaning hungry (mostly male), freeloading friends. Hahahha....

2. If you have too much food at your house, those hungry, freeloading friends come in handy if you don't want the food to go to waste.

3. I will never be lonely, in a sense, but will I ever get to be alone when I want to be alone?

4. Going to work on Monday mornings are even more of a dread, especially when you've spent 48 hours with your friends and haven't had time to re-coop.

5. I will likely be hosting many dinners because a.) I like to cook, and b.) there is surprisingly alot of people who do trust my cooking.

6. Buying groceries for a single person sucks, budget-wise. Portions come too big (and made for people with families!) and everything's wasted (especially for me, I eat like a bird). Hungry, freeloading friends come in handy at this point.

7. Always, always have extra and cheap toothbrushes on hand. Or just keep toothbrushes available for Alex, because he'll crash unexpectantly anyway!

8. Bean sprouts really smell when you leave them in the garbage all week. Come to think about it, most perishable things don't last in the garbage for a week. Garbage Day should come twice a week!

All in all, it was 2 weeks I wouldn't mind doing over again. Or for the rest of my life. Minus the bean sprout incident.

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