Friday, August 18, 2006

A Sponge-worthy Cause

ETA: Pics from Cuong's bday on Thursday

Week is over... yesssss. And I don't have to work tomorrow. Yessssss. I'm kinda glad I'm not planning on doing anything tonight because I need a friggin' break. Work, work, work, play, work, play, work, work, work... remember a month ago when I was wailing about not having anything to do for my whole day?

Nowadays the weekends don't come soon enough and don't last too long.

I can't believe all the shit I did last night: finished work late, shopped, went out for dinner with Nam, went bowling and then went clubbing! All on a Thursday night. Insanity. Absolute insanity. I don't know how I'm able to (barely) sit up and type out all this.

And yesterday, I can't believe I got talked into sponsoring a child with WorldVision. I don't even like kids or even the thought of giving aid that propels poverty rather than end it (let the criticism begin!).

Has anyone walked past that WorldVision booth at Square One Mall, near Tommy Hilfiger? Beware of the charming young black guy, "Dwayne" (I allege that is his name). I let him sweet talk me, hit on me, hug me and eventually talk me into donating $35 a month for some god forsaken child in a god forsaken third world country (honestly, I've considered sponsoring a child before butI haven't figured out if it's ethical to me yet). Wow. Luckily I have about a month to decide if this is what I want to do (hmm... maybe, maybe not. Likely not) but I'll have to start honing my macking skills and not be foolish to another pretty face (oh, the endless times that's happened to me).

He asked me to put my cell number on the application form, rather my home number, which I wonder if it is a sign that he'll use that number for non-sponsorship and WorldVision purposes. Haha, this reminds me of the Seinfeld episode ("The Sponge") where Jerry gets a girl's number off an AIDs Walk list.

ELAINE: Oh, you're not gonna cop a girl's phone number off an AIDS charity list!

JERRY (copying down the number): Elaine, you should admire me...I'm aspiring to date a giving person.

ELAINE: You're a taking person.

JERRY: That's why I should date a giving person. If I date a taking person, everyone's taking, taking, taking, no one's giving - it's bedlam.

ELAINE (warns): She's gonna ask how you got her number.

JERRY: Oh, I'll tell her I met some guy who knew her and he gave it to me.

ELAINE: What's he look like?

JERRY: I really didn't pay much attention, I'd just come from buying a speedboat.

ELAINE: You're buying a speedboat?

JERRY: See, we're already off the subject of how I got her number. All I gotta do is get past the first phone call and I'm home free.

^Corey and Nick, apparently the "whitest guys" of the group ^Mmm, Jackie's desserts look DEE-lish ^Cuong drinking. There's always a first for everything. ^Cory with the Olsen Twins (why are me and Minh doing ducklips?)
^What's Mike looking at?


Kathy said...

I cannot believe you.

minni said...

WTF is up with our LIPS?! unflattering.