Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

And a big "happy birthday" to Jezrin, as well. She left me to take care of her cat for the week while she heads up north, so this is my "birthday favour" to her. The cat didn't like me at first, but now she can't get enough of me now that she understands that I am her only provider of food, water and a lil cuddling for the next week. I've never really had a pet before, so remembering to feed her twice a day is gonna be a challenge for me as I sometimes forget to eat myself. o_o

As for Kathy's birthday, on Sunday night we 'que-ed, we noshed, we limboed, we laughed, we shared. What more can I say? I can't. So I'll post.

^Is Nam sleeping with a CareBear? Yes, he is.
^Damn Russians and their eating contests
^Kathy attempting to open my present
^So much foooooood! ^Hey, EVERYBODY! Alex is part of the Pen 15 Club!
^A little meat in Nam's mouth *insert immature giggle* ^Meg and Mel ^Uggghhhhhh... the 'itis'!^Such a cliche picture, but I still like it
The guys continue to find more things to compete each other with...

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