Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Little Bit of CRAZY

As per the usual summer-gallivanting, I made the annual trip to the Ex with my fellow comrades. However, this year I decided that I was too old and too wise to spend the entire day there, since there's not much for me to do but shop, gamble and ogle at boys (which are only good things if I limit my time doing them).

Well I did the shopping (two shirts, two flips flops, a dress, earrings and a pair of jeans), I did the gambling ($100 down the hole that could've been used towards Montreal!!) and I did the ogling (not much to report, ladies). Same old, same old at the same old CNE. I also took in a "cabaret" show which, to my disappointment, wasn't at all the sexy burlesque show (think Moulin Rouge) I was expecting and it wasn't 18+ at all.

The evening got a bit more wacky when someone (names have been asked not to be released) realized they didn't have their car and house keys. A good three hours of searching all over the park later, we went home, keys-less. Let's just say, the evening continued to be eventful, especially when we got back to the car. And let's just say I finally got to put my new CAA Plus card to some good ol' use. Eventually, I got home just shaking my head at the whole experience.

All in all, it was just anoter day at the Ex.

^I am Kathy, hear me roar.
^Mel and Kathy, flirtin' and hurtin' ^Yee. Haw. ^Dru and Dev loooOOOOoove to shop ^Iljya got cut off. DISScharged! ^No, the CNE didn't get bombed. The fireworks were off the roof this year ^Waiting for CAA: Iljya, you better have autism or something. Otherwise I'd have to kill you. ^Iljya, about to lose it. ^Mel anxiously waiting for the CAA before the shit hits the fan ^Aaaaah, my knight and shining armour has arrived in his white steed van


whit said...

nice shoes, lil.

Iljya Kalai said...

Noone said you can't disclose names! Besides everyone knows it was me anyway :).