Thursday, January 10, 2008

...then you gotta breathe.

I know I said before that I wanted to be left alone, but sometimes, I'm just grateful for the pushy friends who don't listen to me when I say that.

Sarah brought me to a new yoga place that opened up in Thornhill. We were the perfect candidates to check out this new place: we like free stuff and we are both in dire need of something like yoga to take us away from our problems. I was really looking forward to the class all day. Finally, a reason for why I buy all this expensive Lululemon clothing.

I haven't really been able to sleep well lately, nor have I been eating that great. Just going through a funk, I guess. I was never really open to yoga before because I am more into fast-paced, high-energy types of exercise, like dancing and snowboarding. I figured the yoga would be a good change of pace (and I need that) and Sarah had good intentions for bringing me (I really appreciated it, hun. ^_^).

I had a hell of a time getting a yoga mat. I steered clear of Lululemon since I knew it was the most expensive place to get gear for something I wasn't even sure I'd continue doing. I finally settled on an 'exercise mat' which I later found out was not appropriate for yoga (rubber mats are a must).

The yoga place was really nice. It was spa-like with all that peace and tranquility stuff. The instructor we had that night was pleasant and her voice was perfect for yoga because it was instantly calming. As relaxing as yoga is supposed to be, I found myself preoccupied with my breathing. Whenever I was just doing my own breathing, I'd be exhaling when she'd tell us to inhale. Ack. I've never been a good 'breather', which is probably why I suck at singing.

We did the usual yoga moves (at least the ones I've seen on T.V. and such). My favourite position was doggy... I mean, downward dog. ;)

I'll admit, yoga was relaxing ... sorta. That is, I felt sorta relaxed. Mind you it was my first time ever doing it, so perhaps the next time I'll be more relaxed. It cleared my mind a little and perhaps even released some of the tension I've accumulated in the past two weeks.

Maybe one of the reasons I couldn't get completely into it was all the reaffirming peace love and harmony stuff she was preaching. I felt like I was in therapy, where the instructor was like a psychiatrist telling me to love myself, love everyone, etc. Hm. That was something I could've done without although if I have to hear it often, I might just have to believe that bullshit.

We're going to go back next week and hopefully by then I'll be able to catch my breath. The wind has been knocked out of me just too many times.


Louise said...

Winners has yoga mats. The one at Bloor & Avenue did, anyway.

spinderella said...

Thanks, Louise. I found a decent one at Canadian Tire. ;)