Saturday, January 05, 2008

Just Want It to Be Over

ETA January 6, 2008, 9:49 pm: I dunno what the fuck happened to the pictures below. And honestly I'm too preoccupied to deal with it. I hate Google.

I had a pretty deep sleep last night which was pretty good because it got my subconsciousness off of something else. I know dreamed but I can't remember of what. Probably not that important.

I woke up at noon despite having a lot of things to do. It's 12: 30 and I'm still sitting at my laptop! Mel's birthday party is tonight so I gotta get some stuff organized before then. I can't wait for tonight, because I really feel like dolling up. I'll get my hair did, got a new dress, bought some new shoes. Ballin'.

I'm just glad this week is over. The first week of the year is over and already I wish the year would end! Man, this is gonna be one long year, and not just because it's a leap year. Hopefully things will return to regularly scheduled programming and although I know I can, I don't really trust others to. People are more 'drama' than they think.

As per promised, I've uploaded pictures from NYE. It was pretty low-key especially since we had just returned from Vermont the day before and really, we couldn't top the wild party we had at Xmas. We just did some skating (thank goodness not at Nathan Phillips) and went back to Minh's downtown condo to down the bubbly and such.

Alright, it's 1:oo pm. Time to move my butt.

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