Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I need a Karma Upgrade

Nothing seems to ever go right with me, huh? I seem to always have to pause every once in a while and ask, "Why me?".

After I canceled my birthday party in Niagara, I received quite a bit of feedback over not doing it. I never realized so many people were looking forward to it...which made me feel even worse. So guess what? It's on again.

I know, I know. I really shouldn't let other people dictate how I should deal with my life, but you know what? Sometimes other people know what's best for me better than I know myself. I'm still 'on hiatus' but I will still do my birthday in Niagara (and I apologize wholeheartedly for turning the thing on and off again. BLAH).

To be honest, when I reconvened planning the party, it cheered me up a little. Just a little. HOWEVER, now it's a race against time and my damn immune system. I've come down with some kinda cough/cold. UGH. Of all times to get sick (and that's rare for me), it has to be 4 days before my birthday party. I have, like, the worst karma in the world.

If it's not my emotions, it's my health. If it's not my health, it's my financials. If it's not my financials, it's my career. If it's not my career, it's my family. It's always something.

On a better note... my Tokio Hotel concert tickets came in the mail today. YEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHH!

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