Sunday, February 11, 2007


Went out with the gal pals for some gal time (I think this is what is meant by the tea-and-crumpet thing, Sarah) last night to Flow in Yorkville. I really do enjoy our little outings and it's a shame that our lives prevent us from doing it more often (well, mine, at least). I truly wonder what it will be like when we've all got 'careers' and promotions and stuff. Perhaps I will have more time as soon as school is done, but then what happens after I take the LSAT and embark on law school? I better cherish these moments as much as I can, while I can.
^Probably the most excited face I've ever seen on Sarah while taking the TTC
Flow was a good restaurant. It had good 'ambiance' (whatever the hell that means, it seemed fitting to say it) and the food was 'Filipino-fusion', which was fitting for Jez. Of course, whenever the word 'fusion' is mentioned, the food is often in over-priced small portions in an immaculate presentation (where you just don't want to take a bite because it's too pretty). How fitting that we ate there for Winterlicious for the bargain meal. Ha.
^Vicki and a $12 martini. Better be damn good.
^I think this was some sort of fruit salad
^Shrimp and sirloin (I can't remember the actual names, but that's basically what they were)
^Where's that Black waiter when you need him?
^Vicki and Jez
^Cheesecake and plaintains with ice cream (soooo damnnnn gooooood)
The best part of the evening was the handsome Black waiter. OK, I'm kidding (but it was one of the best views), but everything looked good. Everything. The restaurant, the food, the setting, even the other patrons. It was one of those 'be seen' places, even though it was dimly-lit and it's a place to go for the celeb-sitings (if you're into that). Nevertheless I'd definitely go back (for that waiter. Sorry, I had to add that).

I can see now why Winterlicious is exciting for some: it's a chance to go to those fancy places and not have to pay the fancy prices. Too bad I didn't get too excited about it earlier and I would've tried out more restaurants. There's a Summerlicious, right?

After Flow, we went to Vicki's for Lena's birthday party. I was so glad that a couple of Vicki's older friends showed up so that I wasn't the oldest one in the room. The party-goers ranged in age from 17-25. I forgot what it was like to be under-aged and drinking until I witnessed it last night. Gone are those days.

^...a bottle-neck of Smirnoff later
^Sarah and Paul
^Playing XCube/Gamebox on the projector (P.S. I want that Hammy poster, Vics)
^This guy was rumoured to be an Abercrombie/Hollister model, which I totally believe (too bad he was only 17)

P.S. I think we can all agree that I am reigning Sex and the City trivia champ. Hoo yah!


Paul Kishimoto said...

I think an ambiance is that thing they take sick people to the hospital in.


kathy said...

I see you're wearing our gift. ^_~

sarah said...

RE: Probably the most excited face I've ever seen on Sarah while taking the TTC

I WAS EXCITED FOR YOUR TRIPOD!!!!!!! and that the camera looked crooked sitting on the chair.