Sunday, February 04, 2007

Whatchu doin'? Nothin', chillin at the Holidae Innnn

ETA: more pictures courtesy of Diane

Last night will definitely have to go down in my books as one of my best birthdays. I would count this as one of my best not only because it lasted for most of the weekend, but because it was a chance for all my friends, as different as they are, to get together for one thing they have in common: moi.

For all those who decided not to come to my party last night because they were scared off by my email: no, the cops didn't show up. However, security did show up once to give us a warning.

Although I invited a lot of people to my party, I'm actually pretty glad my email kinda scared some people off. I can't imagine what would've happened if more than the 20 or so who showed up came. I think my ass would've been on the subway home by midnight.

The evening started off at the Korean Grill House. It's such a cliche place to go because a.) the food is good, b.) the food is cheap, and c.) it was the only place I could think of that would take a big party on such short notice. I don't remember how long we were there, but we probably ate an entire farm. And it was oh-so-delish.

^Look closely: he's wearing a tie, dress shirt and turtleneck. Don't get me started on the colour-matching
After dinner we spent an excruciating long time divvying up the bill and then we trooped on over to the Holiday Inn. It wasn't that much trouble getting us all into the suite. Luckily I got the suite, otherwise the party would've been a bit too cozy. A special shoutout goes to my sister and Kathy for decorating the room prior to the party in classic child-age birthday party decor. I love you guys for making me feel young. LOL.

Special thanks to: Mel and Kathy for the earrings, Alex for the book, Cuong and Nam for assuming I'm some sort of sex fiend and giving me some items from the sex shop and Vicki and Sarah for the lovely Dior items! I love them all!

^Sarah makes shot glasses from styrofoam cups...
...and then we realize what a waste of time it is.

^Thanks for the efforts, sistas!

We played a round of Kings, which is never a dull game especially when there's no shortage of booze. I think my favourite part was when Alex had to make up a rule and he said that every time someone took a shot, they had to "take a soldier out of their drink". It must be some weird Russian thing. However, he soon gets a taste of his own medicine and realizes how ridiculous his rule is when he had to take 26 shots:

^Mmm, gummy tarantula

^Me, doing the Egyptian?
^How face/tie/shirt/turtleneck is my red?

It is truly astonishing how much I am remembering from last night considering how much I drank (which was a lot). I'm proud to say that I even outlasted Nam and Alex from passing out (shame on you, Alex. Vodka is your blood, Russian). I also managed to put a new drunk quote to add on to Nam's infamous "How face is my red?": "These pretzels are making me salty!"

^Money shot

^Go Corey. I mean, damn, Louise.

^Damn Alex's fat ass! ^Floored! ^Paul and Louise
^Mel and Corey

I'm glad we got to play Twister before security came up. We made good use of that king-sized bed, eh? The game could've got more interesting had the girls really played in their underwear (damn Louise and Whit for wearing thongs! LOL) but alas, there was enough violation and inappropriateness as it was.

More violation and inappropriateness when someone had the bright idea to retrieve ice from the machine and we had an ice fight. Water, pretzel, popcorn everywhere (including places where such items shouldn't be)! In true rock star form, minus the drugs, sex (sort of) and rock and roll. Hahaha, in the morning, our lovely skylight gave us an idea of how out of hand things got the night before.

^Diane left a nice surprise for the guests in Room 1234 the night before^Our $300/night view
^Mmm, free toothbrushes!
^Drying my socks from the stupid ice fight
^Nam and Whitney help out with the cleaning
^Ohhhh yes! Toasty socks!
I'm kinda sad we didn't get to make some sort of music video whilst at the Holiday Inn (c'mon, when you hear Holiday Inn, you think Chingy). It seems like such a cliche thing for us to do and we really should've done it because who knows when the next time we'd be at one. Oh well. The 'party' didn't seem to end in our hotel suite. After the party was the hotel lobby, after the lobby was the Tim Hortons, after Timmy's we went to Pho. I thank all those who braved the bitter cold and TTC last night and came down. You guys really made my weekend and I wasn't even feeling bummed about turning 18 (hahaha). The effects of last night will probably last well into tomorrow as I have a whopper of a hangover. True signs of an awesome weekend, I think. THANK YOU!! ^Sarah going on one of her ice runs or walks around the Cuong's shoes
^Sadly, a recurring incident of the evening

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whit said...

thanks a lot lil! i had an awesome time and i'm happy you did too. happy birthday again!